what is the starfoxx project?


The Starfoxx Project is a limitless musical journey through space fronted by vocalist, Adamm Starfoxx. Although Adamm rocks a unique hip-hop style of music he doesn't believe in genre restrictions. There are no boundaries that hold him back from making any style of music. The Starfoxx Project was constructed after a lifetime of musical experiences and influences. Molded from multiple genres such as: EDM, Hip-hop, Country, Pop, Rock/Metal, Rap and Industrial Music, listeners will find themselves immersed in a musical storyline of love, betrayal, madness and hope. Every song will tell you a story and pull you into another world. Close your eyes, open your soul, and let The Starfoxx Project move you across the universe.


All lyrics are written and performed by Adamm Starfoxx



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Hip-hop Song of the Year Nomination!

That's right, Bandits! The song "Quick Question" off of the new album "Attrition" was nominated for Hip-hop Song of the Year by the Madison Area Music Association! We're so pumped! But now we need your help!

YOUR VOTE COUNTS! Visit the MAMA's website HERE to vote for The Starfoxx Project's song "Quick Question!" Final votes will be tallied soon so we need you to fill out your ballots!

Click on the link and you'll be taken to their website where you can click "VOTE NOW!" Then you'll be asked to fill out a registration form and make a donation of $5. (But don't freak out.) This isn't some scheme they've devised to steal your money. XD Your donation directly supports their non-profit organization which helps expand and develop music programs for youth in the Madison area! What a cool cause!

Thank you in advance for your votes! I literally couldn't do this without your support!

-Adamm Starfoxx

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by The Starfoxx Project

Enjoy tracks from The Starfoxx Project's debut album: Attrition! ON SALE SOON!

All songs on "Attrition" were recorded and mastered by Landon Arkens at Blast House Studios in Madison, WI in the month of November 2016. Track 7 was produced by ibangbeatz. Track 10 was produced by Grizzly Beats. Track 3 was produced by The Passion Hifi. Tracks 1, 4, 5 and 11 were produced by Tyrannical Productions. Tracks 2, 6, 8 and 9 were produced by The Artisans Beats.